For the first time we met in September of the year 2005 and as early as in November of the same year we successfully performed in Spain. Then all of us returned to our musical groups. At the beginning of September 2006 there were a lot of historical performances and only few musical groups there. Therefore, we met again, brushed up our “Spanish“ repertoire and started playing. We enjoyed our cooperation so much that we decided to found a musical group of our own, which, after a short time, we started to call HOLBA.


Jaromír Houba – born 1965.

At the age of 7 years he started to play the piano and one year later the violine as well. He finished his studies at the Military Music School in Roudnice nad Labem – study line percussion instruments. Then he successfully finished his studies at the Conservatoire in Brno – study line conductorship. Three times he took part in courses of ancient music in Valtice and once he participated in a course of vielle playing in the German Trossin. Since the age of 13 years he has been interested in composition. He terminated these studies having successfully finished a five-semester course of composition at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Till the end of March 2004 he worked with various military bands both as a musician and as a conductor. He has been working in the field of the medieval music since the year 1988. He was on of the establishing members and since the year 1990 also the head of the group Musica Vagantium. In the year 1998 he founded and led the group Milvus. He recorded 3 Cd-s with these groups.

In the group HOLBA he plays the following musical instruments: bagpipes, shalms and fidules. He is the artistic and organizational head of the group.

E-mail: jaromir@holba-music.cz

Vojtěch Žižka – born 1987.

He started to get to know music very early. At the age of 3 years he began to play the recorder. Later he successfully finished both instructional cycles of flute playing at the Elementary School of Arts in Plzen. He studies at the Private Secondary School of Applied Arts Zamecek in Plzen – study line sculpture in stone.

In the group HOLBA he plays the following instruments: bagpipes, shalms and animal horns.

E-mail: vojta@holba-music.cz

Ondřej Žižka – born 1989.

He was brought to music at the age of 4 years by his parents. First, he started to learn to play the piano. Since the age of 11 years he has been playing the keyboard. Three times he won the nation-wide competition in the playing of key instruments. He has been interested in the percussion instruments since the age of 10 years. He is still studying the work with these instruments. He plays with several groups performing various genres. He studies at a grammer school in Plzen.

In the group HOLBA he plays the following instruments: davul, djembé, darbuca and other percussion instruments.

E-mail: ondra@holba-music.cz